Update: The new Levitate Block Explorer is now up & syncing at
Good news. We found a fix.
Levitate will rise again. Please stay tuned.
Work on a solution for the Levitate blockchain being stuck is in progress. We hope to solve the problem within a few days.
The Levitate blockchain seems stuck at block 10000. We are looking into it.
The new Levitate source code is now on Github and there is a Guide for setting up your own Levitate MasterNode available at
It is great Levitate changed into an eco-friendly coin!
I do not care
Levitate will aim for another exchange. We are also re-evaluating as the Levitate community and interests in the Levitate activities we launched is minimal. This is also due to the whole coin-economy being in a dip. For now, keep your LVT safe and please be patient. You will hear from us when there is news.