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The Final Swap

Together with the launch of the Levitate Casino, there will be a final swap to the new Levitate (LVT) blockchain and wallets.
It is possible to swap until August 31st 2019.
Send an email to stating the amount of old LVT you like to swap,
and the Levitate Team will process your swap with you.

Please do not install the new wallet as long as you have the old version on your machine!

Prizes, rewards, promotions and give-aways will be in new LVT from now on.

The Block Explorer is currently resyncing.

We are active with two Levitate projects.
Both require time and both are not yet in the green zone.
Once the projects have a safe and solid foundation, we will elaborate.
Good news. We found a fix.
Levitate will rise again. Please stay tuned.
Work on a solution for the Levitate blockchain being stuck is in progress. We hope to solve the problem within a few days.
The Levitate blockchain seems stuck at block 10000. We are looking into it.
It is great Levitate changed into an eco-friendly coin!
I do not care